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is an Independent Political Organization in the 30th Ward of Chicago.

Treinta Unidos

es una organización política independiente del distrito 30 de Chicago.
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Never beg for your rights — organize and take them. 

Nunca mendiga por sus derechos — organiza y se apoderan.

We work to empower community members’ voices, build politics that work for working people and families, elect people who share our visions and values, and model inclusivity and transparency. Our goal is to build political power and win policies that will improve the lives of all Chicagoans in the 30th Ward, as well as all across the city.

Trabajamos para empoderar las voces de la comunidad, crear las políticas que trabajan para trabajadores y familias, elegir las personas que compartan nuestras visiones y valores, y representar inclusividad y transparencia. Nuestro objetivo es crear poder de política y ganar leyes mejorarán las vidas de todos Chicagoans en el distrito treinta y a través de la ciudad.

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Environmental Justice

Address the causes and effects of climate change and environmental injustices for a healthy city for all

Climate Action Now

Public Education

Fully fund our neighborhood schools and reduce reliance on charters

Invest in Chicago's Children

Affordable Housing

Ensuring our neighbors can remain in our communities 


A ward office and city council that work for the people

Co-governance and Accountability



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