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Join 30th United

Do I Have to Live in the 30th Ward to Join?

No, you do not. We welcome members that have the following relations to the 30th Ward:

  • I live in the 30th Ward

  • I own residential property in the 30th Ward

  • I own a business in the 30th Ward

  • I work in the 30th Ward

  • I or a family member goes to school in the 30th Ward

If you have no relation to the 30th Ward, you are still welcome to join— solidarity! 

What is Required of Members?

Beyond filling out the Involvement Interest Form, members of 30th United can become involved to the extent that they are  comfortable and able.


30th United General Membership Meetings are typically the third Saturday of every month at 11am, as hybrid meetings, gathering in person and via Google Meets. Once you fill out the Involvement Interest Form, you will be added to the meeting calendar invite with all other details


Dues paying members have the ability to vote on electoral endorsements. Donations to sustain our movement are also always welcome and appreciated!  

What Types of Activities Can Members Expect?

  • Hybrid meetings once a month on Saturdays at 11am

  • Canvassing the ward and talking to neighbors

  • Volunteering in the ward through community clean-up days

  • Electoral work for our endorsed candidates 

  • Filling out petitions

  • Participating in letter writing campaigns

  • Pamphleting at polling locations on election days

  • Fundraising events

  • Contributing to digital organizing efforts

How Do I Join?

Once you submit the Involvement Interest Form, you will receive a welcome email and an invite to 30th United General Membership Meetings.  

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