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Our Mission

We work to empower community members’ voices, build politics that work for working people and families, elect people who share our visions and values, and model inclusivity and transparency. Our goal is to build political power and win policies that will improve the lives of all Chicagoans in the 30th Ward, as well as all across the city.

Our Values

  • We demand a voice in the destiny of our communities. 

  • We demand access to affordable housing for all of our neighbors.

  • We demand an immediate end to police brutality and murder of our Black and Brown neighbors and fair treatment under the law for all.

  • We demand lead free, clean water for all.

  • We demand a community of clean, safe streets. 

  • We demand Medicare for all. 

  • We demand access to fully funded, quality pre-K, primary, secondary, and higher education. 

  • We demand free, efficient, sustainable public transportation for all.

  • We demand employment or a guaranteed income that gives every community member a high standard of living. 

  • We demand that the caregivers for our children, parents, elders, and disabled neighbors be fairly compensated for their labor.

  • We demand businesses that do not simply take from our neighborhoods, but give back.


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